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Above Us Only Sky : NFT Collection

"Above Us Only Sky" is an NFT collection of 100 aerial images to be launched in three phases over the next few years. The series celebrates the diverse beauty of the world from a perspective never seen before. It weaves stories from the backyard and from the faraway places, from misty mountains to black sand beaches, from soothing sunset to roaring rivers. The series will be launched in the form of a book after completion.

About the series

When I got my hands on a drone for the first time and flew it, it felt like freedom. It felt like drones enabled a new vision inside my head which I never knew existed. I flew my drone for days without taking pictures, watching everything from above like a curious child. I watched how trees look like broccoli, how the buildings look like a lego world. Everything looked different - as if there's a completely new world up there and I was barely scratching the surface. What started as a hobby soon turned into a passion. I started exploring and was soon able to produce "Mango Roads" which won a state-wide photo competition. It was shared by thousands of people in my hometown, and a few days after - an idea was born. The idea behind "Above Us Only Sky".

I wanted to build a body of work which focuses on seeing things from a different perspective. I knew it would take months, if not years to achieve - and my final goal was to publish my favorite images in the form of a book. A book that would serve as a testatement of my love for aerial photography, celebrating the beauty of the world through my eyes, from a perspective never seen before.

Another turning point for the project was when I decided to actually go up in the air, open the windows and shoot from a small Cessna-172 airplane in September 2019. The kind of adrenaline rush I get from flying over landscapes and shooting out of a window while fighting the crazy wind is absolutely unparalleled. This flight gave me the much needed confidence. My idea accelerated with the launch of NFTs as I became more and more involved with the community, and with the rise of photography NFTs, I saw this as a perfect opportunity to bring the project to life.

The project will be launched in three phases. The collection tells the stories of our surroundings and the stories from the remote corners of the world, inspiring all of us to look at everything a bit differently. From a new angle, with a fresh perspetive - and it often changes your perception of the entire scene. Only Phase 1 containing 40 1/1 aerial photography NFTs are going to be launched in 2021. The photographs have been shot over the course of last 3 and a half years in a variety of locations. I will continue to work on the project and will begin shooting for Phase 2 and Phase 3 in the October 2021, which are to be released in the years to come. The upcoming images are going to be from some of the most remote locations of the world, taken by drones and shot from an airplane/helicopter.

Collectors' Perks

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The title of the project "Above Us Only Sky"" is inspired and taken from the popular song 'Imagine' by John Lennon. The song is one of my personal favorites, and focuses on transcending the boundary of race, country, and religion to unite every human under the same umbrella.

You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one I hope someday you'll join us and the world will live as one - these are my favorite lines from the song, which also coincidentally revolves around the idea behind a decentralized world.

Project Roadmap


Images (Phase 1)

  • #1 Coastal Drive

    #1 Coastal Drive

  • #2 A Song of Ice and Fire

    #2 A Song of Ice and Fire

  • #3 Twisted

    #3 Twisted

  • #4 Broccoli World

    #4 Broccoli World

  • #5 Soothe

    #5 Soothe

  • #6 Colour Pop

    #6 Colour Pop

  • #7 Mango Roads

    #7 Mango Roads

  • #8 Monsoon Drives

    #8 Monsoon Drives

  • #9 Calm Before the Storm

    #9 Calm Before the Storm

  • #10 New Year Celebration

    #10 New Year Celebration

  • #11 Into the Clouds

    #11 Into the Clouds

  • #12 Fall Colours

    #12 Fall Colours

  • #13 Twin Flames

    #13 Twin Flames

  • #14 Morning Rays

    #14 Morning Rays

  • #15 City of Dreams

    #15 City of Dreams

  • #16 Lava Falls

    #16 Lava Falls

  • #17 Interstellar

    #17 Interstellar

  • #18 Black Beach

    #18 Black Beach

  • #19 Contrast

    #19 Contrast

  • #20 Parallel

    #20 Parallel

  • #21 Roots of Water

    #21 Roots of Water

  • #22 Autumn Drives

    #22 Autumn Drives

  • #23 Reykjavik

    #23 Reykjavik

  • #24 Beach Layers

    #24 Beach Layers

  • #25 Bridge Over Troubled Water

    #25 Bridge Over Troubled Water

  • #26 Quiet Morning

    #26 Quiet Morning

  • #27 Face in the Water

    #27 Face in the Water

  • #28 Portal

    #28 Portal

  • #29 Congested

    #29 Congested

  • #30 Lava Fields

    #30 Lava Fields

  • #31 Solitude

    #31 Solitude

  • #32 Pink World

    #32 Pink World

  • #33 Nature's Lap

    #33 Nature's Lap

  • #34 Split

    #34 Split

  • #35 Apocalypse Now

    #35 Apocalypse Now

  • #36 Alien World

    #36 Alien World

  • #37 Nature's Eye

    #37 Nature's Eye

  • #38 Tree of Life

    #38 Tree of Life

  • #39 Flow

    #39 Flow

  • #40 Dead World

    #40 Dead World

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