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Hello and welcome aboard! I am Dipanjan, a self-taught photographer residing in Mumbai, India.

Originally from Kolkata, I bought my first camera in my second year of graduation in 2014. Ever since my first solo trek to Hampta Pass, Himachal Pradesh - I have taken an active interest in photography, focusing mainly on landscape and astro-photography. It is important to note that photography is not my profession, it's a side-hustle that keeps me going and helps me feel alive.

I am really passionate about traveling, mostly to the mountains and the remote places on Earth. The feeling of enjoying an otherworldly landscape all by myself gives me pleasure like nothing else. I have recently been to one of my dream countries - Iceland, for a 17-days road trip. My next is goal is to photograph the the ice sheets of Greenland under the northern lights and the icebergs of Antarctica.

My biggest confidence boost in my short photography career was when one of my aerial images made it to the finals of ROAM Awards in 2019 and one of eternal inspiration Chris Burkard ended up announcing my name on the stage (you can watch it here from 26:54 to 27:12).

I have grown immense interest towards aerial photography in the recent times. In my trip to Iceland, I have also shot from an airplane with windows open and it was one of the most incredibly challenging experiences of my life. My images have won me multiple prestigious accolades throughout my career, and I have also conducted an introductory workshop to aerial photography in Mumbai, India. Apart from photography, I'm also an insatiable glutton.

In case you would like to contact me regarding photography, prints, or anything at all, please click the following button.
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